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PLay, learn and have fun

At Nursery we allow your child to learn, grow and develop through play in a safe, caring, stimulating environment.  All Children will learn new skills if learning is fun. Our caring staff will nurture your children, support them when they struggle, cwtch them when they are sad, be excited when they achieve, but most importantly they will have fun! Children are amazing when they are being curious, creative and laughing from their overall sense of happiness.


Why Play? Why have fun?

Having fun will benefit everyone’s well being while at nursery, children and staff alike. Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. It supports the foundation for literacy and oracy skills through the development of sounds, sharing vocabulary with their friends and the expansion of  their imagination through story telling. It gives children the opportunity to become resilient, to problem solve and take risks, whilst allowing them to become confident and independent. They also begin to show care for the world around them.

Play doesn’t have to include a specific activity; children can lead their own learning with support from the caring adults around them. We adapt our environment to suit children’s interests allowing those “wow, what’s that” moments to become part of our learning journey.

Play begins from a very young age, our babies have an inborn need to develop and learn.  Our babies, tots and toddlers have areas specifically designed and equipped to make them feel safe in their surroundings whilst promoting their development.

Our preschool area allows for curiosity and awe though a vast range of equipment which will keep  your little ones engaged all day long

Boy Playing with Blocks
Creative Class
Children Scooping Out Pumpkins
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